The bizzare death of Ronald Carnaby

Roland Carnaby flashed a CIA ID when pulled over for speeding. The cop did not believe it. Carnaby also had a CCW permit which would have been redundant.

Carnaby calls an Internal Affairs detective in the Houston Police department and hands the phone to the officer. The Detective tells the officer that Carnaby was "probably"* a CIA agent. The cop did not like that answer.

The officer than contacted the HPD criminal intellegence and major offenders units and was told that Carnaby was known to them and a likely faud. The officer was instructed to "find something to arrest him on; you can't arrest him for speeding"*. *--both these quotes are from a Houston PD spokesman.

When Carnaby was told to step out of the vehicle the second time he flead and led police on a high speed chase. While driving Carnaby called a friend who was "possible FBI" who aparently told him to pull over.

Carnaby stopped and his car was swarmed by police. After police broke his window, carnaby was shot and killed as he stepped out of his car.

The FBI is refusing to comment. The CIA says they have no relationship to Carnaby. His house is full of photos of at of himself at CIA events and CIA employee recognition plaques.

You can see the shooting here: